Another month, another mixset! Produced for radiobroadcast(s).
Reaching out to the promise as a title is something I think I need to clarify a bit;

As a human being we are able to make our own choices in life, it’s one of those things
that define us and we should thank our Maker for giving us the chance to choose whatever we want in life.

BUT; If you look in the past of us people, it looks like we’re not getting anywhere. Making our choices
without God doesn’t work out well for us. We TRY to do what’s best, but somehow it looks like we spiral down the drain.
From personal experience I can tell that there is a solution, that not only HELPS you in life, but also SAVES your life.

Therefor the title “reach out to the promise”; God gave us a chance to accept His promise and solution: His son Jesus Christ.
His promise is that, when we accept His Son for what He’s done on the cross (suffering for the things we’ve done wrong in life),
He’ll give us eternal life, and, more important, become a better human being.

So, in short; you’re not supposed to act as a zombie, following the crowd around you, you’re made to be unique.
If you want to become more than just ‘someone’, but want to ALWAYS have Someone who wants to help you get the best out of yourself:

Choose Jesus. For sure He’ll be the best friend you’ll EVER have.

May the Lord bless you,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Nice Place (Original Mix) – Old Dominion
Intro – Normal Generation
Closer (Brian Flinn Remix) – JIR3H-3
Catatonia – Coretex
Neon Stars (Elevation Sessions) – Ryan Farish
Jesus Muzik (Swedish Revolution Bootleg) – Lecrae & Swedish Revolution
Hands to the Sky – Technopraise
Revelation Song (feat. Annelot Little) – Maxem
Hands Up – Audile
Jesus Wins (Neon Feather Remix) – Har Megiddo
Just As He Promised (Ayrun Remix) – Matthew Parker
Strong (Original Mix) – micFreak
This is Not a Test (Josiah Kramer Remix) – Jeremy Whittaker
Shine (2k13 Mix) – Levi Whalen
Sonar Waves – CoralBeats


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