Which heart beats an unconditional love?
There’s only One, who pumps that kind of blood around in a body; it’s God’s love!
As we are able to be called ‘children of God’ when we accept Jesus Christ, God’s Son, in our lives,
we have the chance to show that same Unconditional Love to all the people around us.
Let’s use that chance. Don’t miss the opportunity to share it with all the people around you!

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Together Again (Club Mix) – Aneym & Suncatcher
With You (feat. Robin Vane) – Sunset & Alpha Force
I Don’t Deserve You (Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult Remix) – Paul van Dyk
God’s Love (Simon De Jano & Chriss Ortega Pirates Mix) – Nick Tohme
Sigma – Mark van Rijswijk
Love Odyssey (Feat. Alexandro C) – Huber
D# Fat (Destiny Edit) [Matthew J. Bentley Mashup] – Armin van Buuren & W&W vs. Greg Swanson
You Are (Philippe el Sisi Remix) – Sarah Russell & Philippe El Sisi
Hold Me in This Moment (Fher Vizzuett Remix) [feat. Fiona Dunkin] – Allen & Envy
Behold – DJJireh
Round and Round (Tim Angrave Ambient Remix) [feat. Marié Digby] – Ryan Farish


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