As usual, the title is selfexplaining;
This is the third in the serie mixes which contains mainly house (as a genre).

I hope you will enjoy it! I had some trouble mixing the track due to a broken headset,
but I think it won’t bother you that much 😉

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Hope – Ezeqiuel Guerreno
Dark Matter – Pete Maddock
Testimony (Original Mix) – Chris Howland
The joy that you bring – Gospel Housing Authority
Next – Taylor Franklyn
God’s Love (Chris Montana & NiQ Remix) – Nick Tohme
House of Salvation – DJ Sozo
Faith – Earthwalker
Prince of Peace – Har Megiddo
Sensations of Heaven – DJ JoelLFE
I See You Everywhere (Micfreak Remix) – Deeflash

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