Lots of people think that we, christians, can’t have fun in our music or they think
that we only make music with gospel lyrics.
So I took on a bold idea; gather enough tracks who are made, remixed or mashed up for FUN!
And as you might understand; made by christians…

And so there it is; a radioshow/mixset consisting with quite the… controversial songs!
I promise you; it’ll make you smile, when you hear how much fun the producers had in putting
these tracks together. And still…

You’ll notice that the tracks are a bit… different. Not so basic and maybe even with some deeper
intentions as you might suggest; just listen to the lyrics in some of the tracks and you’ll start
understanding that even christians have lots and lots of fun in creating music!

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


The Dance Critic – Jeremy James Whitaker
We Are Crazy (eXecutive Decision Mashup) – Will Sparks, Krewella, WhoKilledMickey, Clockwork, Charlie Darker, Vicetone, Doctor P.
What Time Is It In Poland – Alchemist Saints & Kevin Aleksander
One More Easy (J3 Mashup) – Mat Zo, Porter Robinson & Daft Punk
Fireman Stage (Megaman I) [Remix] -Stephen Stripling
Angreh Burdys – AllThings4Good
How We Dance – FBJr.
Caramel (Original Mix) – Pete Maddock
Countdown to Power (eXecutive Decision Mashup) – Europe, Knife Party
Sunday School Rock vs. J-3000 (Matthew J. Bentley Mashup) – Carman vs. J-3
MouseTrap (Original Mix) – Matthew Parker
Everybody go crazy – Oiwolf
Complete – Ayrun
Gospel Remix Mashup – pKal
Good Time (Flatline Mix) – Owl City

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