The dubstep-genre is really something that has been explored by all kinds of
secular producers/dj’s and it’s… different than any kind of ‘normal’ music
lots of people are used to.
In the early days, there were lots of funny movies on Youtube about old people
(grandma’s and granddaddy’s) who heard this genre for the first time; their
reactions were priceless, funny to watch because it’s… different!

You might best compare it to the first time you heard the 70’s “Hard Rock”, which lots
of people just thought of as ‘screams, shouts and hammering guitar sounds’.
Now it’s an genre that’s accepted and loved by many.
Just the same with dubstep!

BUT! There’s a difference, dubstep has been adapted by lots of christian producers pretty quick!
And they all have their unique variations in this genre.
As you will hear in this set.


DJ S.Y.S.Check


Jesus Bass – McKenzie Morrow
Wasteland (feat. Ayrun) – Goyko
Behind The Mask    Re-Think
Kontroll – Re5a
In His Presence – Bridj
Turbo Style(Fathe Hart Bootleg) – Beckah Shae
Endeavor – Movediz
Pursuit (Oh Snap It’s Luke! Remix) – Jesus Culture
Just As He Promised (Oiwolf Remix) – Matthew Parker
He Is Risen 6 – Threesixteen
Mighty Designer – FBJr.
Deeper (Ayrun Remix) – Matthew Parker
DUM DUM Ft. Lecrae (BAM! Remix) – Tedashii
I Will Embrace Your Love – Jackie Faroui
Last Minute – FBJr.

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