Gods Word, the Bible, is the key to understanding more of God; it’s His loveletter for us.
In the Bible is written down, that whosoever believes in the finished
work Christ did on the cross, and believes that Christ did for his/her sins,
will have eternal life.

But wait, that’s not it; the whole Word of God promises that those who decide to
accept the offer that Christ gave, will also have:

– a Friend for life
– no more fear of death (and why should you? God promises that you’ll be with Him!)
– a Guidance (the Holy Spirit) in this strange, incomplete, world with all it’s sorrows.
– an eternal Love from the Lord Jesus Christ, who wants to make you whole
– Who loves you NO MATTER WHAT!

And above all; will never leave you and always be with you.

Now that’s Someone to live for, wouldn’t it?
And that’s the message I always want to share in my mixes.

The set is an upbeat >138 bpm mix that’ll lift you up.
Enjoy and

God bless you,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Your Word [feat. Nalini Tranquim] – DJ Jireh
Romans 8-39 – Fher Vizzuett
All by Myself (Original Mix) – The Cosmic Doors
In This World – Christian Drost
Hold Me in This Moment (feat. Fiona Dunkin) – Allen & Envy
I Belong To You – G-Powered
Nothing Shall Separate (Maxem Remix) – DJ Jireh Ft. Goshen Sai
Bigger Picture (Stephen Stripling Remix) – Matthew Parker
Light Up the Dark (Dark Matter Mix) – The Washington Projects
I See You Moving (Science Drop Remix) – Transform DJs feat. Lorna
Never Changing (Gal Abutbul & Moran Helman Remix) – Johan Vilborg & Aneym
Find You feat. Wonder (pKal Remix) – Levi Whalen

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