In Christmas time we all want to have that special, happy feeling.
You know; with the lights, gifts, the Coca Cola guy with the white beard, cookies and snow.
But we tend to forget the most important person, the most important gift we got, around 2014 years ago.
He didn’t come to bear gifts, he didn’t come to tell you that you’ve been good or bad.
He didn’t come down the chimney and he certainly didn’t intent to make you exchange your pocket money for a Christmas gift.

He WAS and IS the gift. Not for one Christmas a year, but for EVERY year and to STAY forever in your life.
His name is Jesus, He came to earth to be human; just as you and me, but with only one thing in mind:
To save YOU from hell, by freeing you from sin and give you eternal life.
That’s no gift any santa can give you.
No ‘Ho, ho, ho’ or smile will give you the happy feeling that Jesus can give you.

There’s already enough so-called ‘Christmas music’ on the radio, but it’s not often only about Jesus.
So I tried to keep this set focussed on the TRUE meaning of Christmas.
Christ, who loves you with or without gifts. Christ, who came to earth for YOU.
FOR THE PEOPLE (FTP) sets are based on that message.

This is the first part of 2 Christmas sets;
Filled with the REAL Christmas message. With songs and lyrics you’ll remember ‘from the old days’, but also new melodies you probably haven’t heard of…
This set is focussed on lyrics and uplifting dance/trance/house and even a bit of dubstep.
The other set (FTP #16) is focussed on more instrumental trance and is an experimental journey towards a slow and peaceful end.

And my wish for you; a REAL merry Christmas with Christ, who will happily help you to have a happy new year!

DJ S.Y.S.Check


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Ayrun
Joy to the World (Ziggybeats Christmassive Remix) – Ziggybeats
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (DJJireh Remix) – Paul Baloche
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (feat. Goshen Sai) [Club Mix] – DJJireh
Oh Come, All Ye Faithful – Joshua Nichols
All the World Say (Merry Christmas) [David Thulin Remix] (feat. August in Atlanta) – Dawna Johnson
Everyday Is Christmas – DJ Omni & Lorna
Starlight (feat. Carter Brand) – Jacob Stanifer
Oh Holy Night (Remix) – Reyer
Angels We Have Heard On High (feat. Jojo) – Mistadool
Emmanuel, God with Us (Matthew J. Bentley’s Tropical House Remix) – Amy Grant
The Promise Fulfilled ft. Elate – Whitaker
Silent Night – Swedish Revolution

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