Hey there!
I haven’t been doing a lot in delivering mixsets the last couple of months.
Enough reasons for that’they all fit the description “that’s life”.
BUT; One good one is that I had to slow down a bit, sorta ‘getting back the focus’.
Therefor I thought a slower set would suit well and here it is.

The set is focussed on a completely different style than you’re used to when you listen to FTP-mixsets.
Although there might be a 140 BPM track in there, you probably won’t notice it, because the whole set is
an experience that -hopefully makes you sit down, chill out a bit and just relax; enjoy the sounds.

God bless,



Medley: Dream / Waiting for You / Carry On – Stephen Stripling
In Him Have I Hope – Unknown Artist
Morning Mists – U4IA
There Is No Time – FBJr.
The Stand (Jeremy Edwardson Remix) – Hillsong United
Heart of Europe – DJ Tony Foxx
Wonders – Kevin Aleksander
Mercy Deliver (final) – Mirror Dimly
Sound Valley (Seltigma Chill Mix) – peakXperience
Northern Lights – Ryan Farish
Bigger Picture (Red Ambassador Remix) – Matthew Parker
Hosanna (Tim Yagolnikov Remix) – Hillsong United
Everything Glorious (Flatline Mix) – David Crowder Band
Ortus (Original Mix) – Innerfalls

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And, if you like a simple shortmix:

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