Hey there!
“Start believing” is the theme of this set.
Chosen on purpose, and so will the lyrics center on that theme.

I hope you’re a believer already, because as we look around in this world, there’s not much to believe in left.
Luckely, when you start believing in GOD you’ll always have Someone to believe in.
It won’t matter if you loose all your material belongings. It won’t matter if those around you don’t stick around and leave.
But it WILL matter to know that HE will ALWAYS stay by your side.
You just have to… start believing!

So… Wake up, make the right choice, and you’ll never be alone, because He will live IN you!

God bless,



New Life – SirMark
Start Believing (Neway North Remix) – T.O.M.
Let The Heavens Open (Kevin Aleksander Bootleg) – Kari Jobe
Gate of Heaven (Original Mix) – JEFFK vs. Tom Noize ft. Roy In ‘t Veld
Cry Out & Dance (feat. Steven Van Denend) – Science Drop
In The Beginning – J-DiA
I believe – Electron7
Jump Start My Heart (David Thulin Remix) – Satellites & Sirens
Not Alone (feat Alma Aminta) [Extended Original] – Raul Ivan
My God Is Alive Not Dead – Gui Brazil
Believe [feat. Tina Tamayo] – Alejandro Cesar
Believer (Extended Mix) – Nitrous Oxide, Aneym
Wake Up Restart – ApathyEdge
Within you – Oiwolf

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And if you like a simple shortmix:

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