I noticed that I haven’t made any mixset lately that’s specifically focussed on the summer.
During my searches for the right tracks I finished of with these.
The set should keep you uplifted for over 90 minutes, filled with uplifting and trancy sounds.

Enjoy the set and ‘Above All’ don’t forget to thank your Maker for all those producers out there that deliver
such great tracks!
Those who listen closely and look at the tracktitles WILL notice the journey you’re taking… up into Eternity.
That’s my prayer for you and that’s the message you’ll be confronted with at the end of the set…

God bless,



Vertical Hope (A Band of Brothers Mashup) – Vicetone vs 1 Girl Nation
Let Me Drift Away (Original Mix) – Philip Mayer
All Of My Heart (Elishua Summer Remix) – DJ Jireh feat Nalini Tranquim
La Brisa (Outer Pulse Remix) – Diego Morrill
Neptune (Original Mix) – Unity
You & Me (DJ Jireh Remix) – Goshen Sai
Close To 7 (Original Mix) – XMO
D1 (Psy Edit) – Stefan Viljoen
Together as One (Original Mix) – James Kelly
Entrance to the King – DJ Jireh
Let your heart speak (Original Mix) – Faith Mark
Take Your Place (Feat. Keri Veenendaal) [Matthew J. Bentley Remix] – Jon Thurlow
Light at the Other Side (Original Mix) – James Kelly
A Day in Heaven (Fanatic Emotions Remix) – Robert Vadney
Into Eternity (feat. Richie Righteous) (DJ SYSCheck remix) – Levi Whalen

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