We all have those times when everything goes wrong.
It looks like your life sucks in everything you do or encounter.
Nothing makes sence.
How hard you try; nothing works out the way you would like it to go.
Your future seems dull and dark, you’re in that valley, where you can’t see anything.
You can’t take it anymore…

You’re not alone! Jesus is there to help you. He accepts you for who you are;
in good AND bad times; He’s there for you!

As long as you build on HIM, you WILL be able to go through with it; you WILL survive!
Don’t forget; once you’re with HIS army, you’ll win.
WHY? because HE allready won the battle!

Stay strong, even if it doesn’t feel like it,


P.S. Yes, I’m talking from recent experiences 😉


Rising Army – Bryson Price
Can’t Take It – Transform DJs
Forgiven (Original Mix) – Fher Vizzuett
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight (Yves V Remix) – Switchfoot
What He Said (DJ Jireh Remix) – Matthew Parker
Fire Master – Taylor Franklyn
Valley – Transform DJs
Heaven – Ozwald Bozwald
You’re Beautiful (Trance Remix) – DJ Jireh & Aneym
Resurrection – Fher Vizzuett
Red & Blue (Original Mix) – Ground Zero Vibes
Addict (John Sunlight Remix) – SIDEN
Bring the Rain feat. Lexi Forche (Phocust & Kevin Aleksander Remix) – Candyland
I Build On U (Original Mix) – Triple D

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