First of all; this is in no way meant to be a professional movie.
Interview snippets were taken with a low-quality mike (Blue Mikey & iPod Classic), combined/overlapped with phone-recording.
Sound has been optimized as far as possible with Magix Music Cleaning Lab 2013.
Videos were shot with a Motorola Razr Maxx phone in HD 720p resolution @ Grand Café Rembrandt in Veendam.
Videoediting has been done with Cyberlink Powerdirector 10, with lots of videofilters to create a decent videoquality and yes, the phone recorded stereo-sound.
Only 4 videotracks (+ text + overlay) were used to get different points of view.
Music was synced as far as possible, all rights go out to the original producers.
The same counts for the videoproducers of the introvideos made for TransformDJ’s and the outrovideo for LZ7.
I only captured the excisting videos from Youtube and combined them to create the feeling of a decent combination.

If you start watching this video, don’t skip to many parts, as there are quite a lot of interesting things said in-between the music parts.
I promise; if you enjoy the first minutes, you’ll like the rest of the video 😉