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Save Your Soul, Check!


For The People #11 “Be fired up by God’s Holy Spirit and shine His light like the sun”

As always, mixing is a learning process which I’m still starting to understand.
This mixset should be interpreted as a finger pointing to our guidance we receive by
trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ. He gave us His Holy Spirit to be guided and we should
try to always listen to His Voice. The only way to hear Him, is to walk in His light.
The tracks I choose for this mix should make you consider to listen better.
The scriptures read should be memorised. All God’s children should know: Jesus is Lord; we have an awesome God!

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For The People #10 “Your House is my Home” (part 1)

This remix is fixated on the house style, but not to much. Still keeping true to the lyrics, because that’s what it’s all about.
Another house-remix will follow, I didn’t intend to split this up, but somehow it didn’t fit to make a 2 hour mix.

Keep the title in mind; Your house is my Home; which refers to the question that’s being asked several times in YOUR life; where’s your home? Where’s your FINAL home?
I know where mine is; it’s in heaven. How about yours?

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For The People #9 (A Christhits Christmas)

For a local radioshow called “Christhits” I made a mix to get them encouraged in looking up some new gospel artists by creating a simple remix with the latest, newest or not-much-heard-of christmas songs. Let’s hope that they will run it on the air (20 december 2012) and will reach those listeners who never heard of those, who create the best christian EDM; dance, trance, dubstep, ambient are not just for the non-believers, there’s plenty of good music to be found for christians and it’s RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!

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For The People #8 (Focus Your Heart)

Previous mixes had been more of some kind of tryouts for different styles to see what fits best and sounds great together. Appearantly I don’t like just one style; mixing dance, trance, dubstep and some of the (slower) house keeps me happy, as long as the lyrics fit. Yes, lyrics; because that’s what makes quite the difference if you compare my sets to the worldly dj’s.
Although Armin van Buuren is my biggest example, I would like to stay ‘true’ to my believe and use only those songs from dj’s that I know are promoting not theirselves, but the One who gave them their talent(s): Our God and Jesus Christ, His Son.
This set starts of with Aviad Cohen and his interpretation of Isaiah 53, a Bible chapter that should stick in your mind and lower to your heart: And there you go; it’s all about your heart and where you focus it on, as the title says: “Focus your heart”!

May this mix-set help you to find Jesus Christ. And if He found you already; may this set help you focus MORE on Him.

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For The People #7 (Make the Choice!)

This mix has been the hardest untill now to do.
Probably because of the different speeds in the songs, a lot of them don’t match and are quite different in style/beat.
The purpose for this mix isn’t to just dance or put on a show.
This one is kind of serious:
All the tracks are ment to make you think about the choice you make; for your eternal salvation that is.

I tried to make a point here, a story that needs to be told:
As the mix progresses, you’ll find yourself in a chaotic state of mind. At the ultimate point you will be confronted with GOD, Who is the Light of the world (although lots of people don’t see that).
You will hear His Son Jesus cry out to Him. Not just to His father, but for your salvation, which he made possible by dying on the cross for your sins.
After that you will learn the way to break every chain with satan and make THE choice for your LIFE.

In the end…

I can only pray that your eyes will be opened!

May the Lord Jesus be with you. Always.

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For The People #06 (Promo voor “De Ark”)

For another promotion for Christhits I made this mix-set. Because this promo is going to be seriously reviewed, I put some more effort in it. I think it went quite well, so enjoy it!

As allways I want to thank God for this chance to deliver more christian-dance to those people who don’t even know that there are so many DJ’s working hard to use their talents for Him.
I only deliver their work to those who wouldn’t listen to this otherwise and those who want to know more about christian dance.

Yes, we are out there! And we deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ in MANY different ways!

God bless!

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For The People #04 (Video)

In 2012 I started with DJ-ing. After a couple of try-outs I thought it would be funny if I would make a video, just to show how I’m working on a mix.

Although the principal hasn’t changed (this one includes some reference to the late ‘Christhits’ radioshow), it still is fun to see how I used some simple lighning to enjoy myself.

For The People # 1 (Christhits start set)

This set is what got it all started; for a radioshow called “Christhits” I was invited to do a ‘small’ mix with only gospel-inspired dance/trance tracks. I got some of their jingles to implement and set a footprint on the mix. After this one I was invited to do a 3 hour radioshow with live remixing. A great opportunity, but quite hard if you’re just starting out. Still, people enjoyed it and encouraged me to keep on practising…

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