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Save Your Soul, Check!

musicHere you’ll find every set or radioshow and even some video stuff in a seperate post, so you’ll be able to read some extra information, make a comment or just download after listening.
If you just want to download something, check out the download page.

FTP #09 – Worship in Dance

Once in a while I like to make a mixset/radioshow with mainly worship remixes.
And it has been a while, so here you go; a couple of the best and various remixes
from well-known worship songs.

Enjoy this one-hour show and be lifted up, filled up and encouraged by the music!

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


O Praise Him (All This For A King)  (Oceanic Mix) – DJ SA
Our God (Is Greater) (Remix Worshipper Remix) – Chris Tomlin
Relentless (Young & Free Remix) – Hillsong UNITED
The Greatest Gift – Hillsong London
Lay Me Down (Swedish Revolution Remix) – Chris Tomlin
There is Power in The Name of Jesus Ft. George Wonder – Rave (Dj Bi – Polar Mash) – Dj Bi-Polar
Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is  (Extended Mix) – Leändro Alencär
Fill Me Up (Josiah Kramer Remix) – Josiah Kramer
Holy – Matt Redman (Christian t. Dubstep Remix) – AAA Band Productions
Alleluia (Oh Snap It’s Luke! Remix) – Jesus Culture
I Surrender (The UNLEASHD remix) – Hillsong
27 Million (Remix) – LZ7 & Matt Redman

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FTP #08 We have fun, with a deeper funniness ;)

Lots of people think that we, christians, can’t have fun in our music or they think
that we only make music with gospel lyrics.
So I took on a bold idea; gather enough tracks who are made, remixed or mashed up for FUN!
And as you might understand; made by christians…

And so there it is; a radioshow/mixset consisting with quite the… controversial songs!
I promise you; it’ll make you smile, when you hear how much fun the producers had in putting
these tracks together. And still…

You’ll notice that the tracks are a bit… different. Not so basic and maybe even with some deeper
intentions as you might suggest; just listen to the lyrics in some of the tracks and you’ll start
understanding that even christians have lots and lots of fun in creating music!

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


The Dance Critic – Jeremy James Whitaker
We Are Crazy (eXecutive Decision Mashup) – Will Sparks, Krewella, WhoKilledMickey, Clockwork, Charlie Darker, Vicetone, Doctor P.
What Time Is It In Poland – Alchemist Saints & Kevin Aleksander
One More Easy (J3 Mashup) – Mat Zo, Porter Robinson & Daft Punk
Fireman Stage (Megaman I) [Remix] -Stephen Stripling
Angreh Burdys – AllThings4Good
How We Dance – FBJr.
Caramel (Original Mix) – Pete Maddock
Countdown to Power (eXecutive Decision Mashup) – Europe, Knife Party
Sunday School Rock vs. J-3000 (Matthew J. Bentley Mashup) – Carman vs. J-3
MouseTrap (Original Mix) – Matthew Parker
Everybody go crazy – Oiwolf
Complete – Ayrun
Gospel Remix Mashup – pKal
Good Time (Flatline Mix) – Owl City

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FTP #07 Your house is my Home #3

As usual, the title is selfexplaining;
This is the third in the serie mixes which contains mainly house (as a genre).

I hope you will enjoy it! I had some trouble mixing the track due to a broken headset,
but I think it won’t bother you that much 😉

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Hope – Ezeqiuel Guerreno
Dark Matter – Pete Maddock
Testimony (Original Mix) – Chris Howland
The joy that you bring – Gospel Housing Authority
Next – Taylor Franklyn
God’s Love (Chris Montana & NiQ Remix) – Nick Tohme
House of Salvation – DJ Sozo
Faith – Earthwalker
Prince of Peace – Har Megiddo
Sensations of Heaven – DJ JoelLFE
I See You Everywhere (Micfreak Remix) – Deeflash

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FTP #06 God’s love gives you peace of mind

As the title says; There’s only one love that gives you peace of mind.
This radioshow/set is focussed on bringing you in that admosphere.
No overkill in bass, but more electronic with selfexplaining lyrics.

Enjoy and may the Lord Jesus Christ bring peace in your mind, as well as in your heart.

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Robotics – Faith Massive
Take Rest – Voice To Spirit
This Is Love (David Thulin Remix) – Natalie Grant
Through the entire (Ambient Chill Mix) – DJ Hi Fi
Lucky Ones (5FAU Mashup) – Lecrae
I Believe in Him – Matthew Parker
Paradise – Oceans (feat. Grace) – PARADISE
Restored (feat. Nathan T) – Matthew J. Bentley
Hillsong – Oceans (Waysons Remix) – Waysons
Psalm 140 – Aviad Cohen
Reach Out (Original Mix) – Kevin Aleksander
We See Wonders – Alchemist Saints
Culture Crush – Water into Wine

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FTP #05 – A Beat of Unconditional Love

Which heart beats an unconditional love?
There’s only One, who pumps that kind of blood around in a body; it’s God’s love!
As we are able to be called ‘children of God’ when we accept Jesus Christ, God’s Son, in our lives,
we have the chance to show that same Unconditional Love to all the people around us.
Let’s use that chance. Don’t miss the opportunity to share it with all the people around you!

God bless,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Together Again (Club Mix) – Aneym & Suncatcher
With You (feat. Robin Vane) – Sunset & Alpha Force
I Don’t Deserve You (Lucky Charmes & Tony Verdult Remix) – Paul van Dyk
God’s Love (Simon De Jano & Chriss Ortega Pirates Mix) – Nick Tohme
Sigma – Mark van Rijswijk
Love Odyssey (Feat. Alexandro C) – Huber
D# Fat (Destiny Edit) [Matthew J. Bentley Mashup] – Armin van Buuren & W&W vs. Greg Swanson
You Are (Philippe el Sisi Remix) – Sarah Russell & Philippe El Sisi
Hold Me in This Moment (Fher Vizzuett Remix) [feat. Fiona Dunkin] – Allen & Envy
Behold – DJJireh
Round and Round (Tim Angrave Ambient Remix) [feat. Marié Digby] – Ryan Farish


Short mix:

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Full mix:

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FTP #04 “There’s life in CEDM”

Every ones in a while I like to include some information in a mix;
so this mix will include a bit more talking than you’re used to.
No worries; it’s still a continues mix, as you’re used to.

Matisyahu Sunshine (DigitalVibe REMIX Josh Cunningham) – Matisyahu
Um Novo Dia (Original Mix) – GV3
Burning Love – Jesus Loves Electro
To God Alone – Matthew Parker
Retro – John Macraven
My King is the Word (Matthew J. Bentley Mashup) – Norin & Rad vs. Dr. S.M. Lockridge
He Has Risen – P4RADOX
You Are My Vision (pKal Remix) – Rend Collective Experiment
Our God RMX – Dj Subb
Sunset in the Morning (Acid Regulation Remix) – Simon Moon, Naeba & Sky Sound
Love Is (ft. Lauren Irving) – OIWOLF
Hallelujah – Crossfire
Ahh Yeah (Randy Norton Remix) – Moxiie & The Kickstarts

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FTP #Festival 3:16

I had an unexpected chance to play a mixset @Festival 3:16.


Break Every Chain (Kevin Aleksander BOOTLEG [RE-EDIT] ) – Jesus Culture
Desert Song (feat. Sarah Ben Hamida) [Remix] – Reyer
Jump! – JIR3H-3
Burning Love (Maxem Remix) – Jesus Loves Electro
Good Time (eXecutive Decision Remix) – eXecutive Decision
Hands Up (JIR3H-3) – J-3
My King is the Word (Matthew J. Bentley Mashup) – Norin & Rad vs. Dr. S.M. Lockridge
You Are My Vision (pKal Remix) – Rend Collective Experiment
Your Love Is a Mystery – Matthew Parker

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FTP #03 (Broadcast)

For broadcasting, first played 27th of April 2014 on Veluwe FM (The Netherlands)

Mixed by DJ S.Y.S.Check


Infinite (Somna Remix) [feat. Marié Digby] – Ryan Farish
Breathe (J-3 Bootleg) – Superchick
Time – Mark van Rijswijk
More Than Conquerors – Bridj
Hands Up (JIR3H-3) – J-3
Break Every Chain (Kevin Aleksander BOOTLEG [RE-EDIT]) – Jesus Culture
Geoffa – Fully Persuaded (Extended Mix) – Geoffa
Highway – Flashtech
Level Up – Seltigma
Battle of Jericho – Prodigal Sons
Feel It – Biotronix
Next to Me (Har Megiddo Remix) – Oh Snap It’s Luke!



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Full mix:

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FTP #2.5 “For The People 11-15 reloaded”

Last year I did a lot of mixes and always mixed the complete tracks.
As a lot of tracks are worth to be played again, I’m trying a new mixing strategy: Keep the energy as high as possible.
The best part is, that in this way, I’ll be able to use lots of vocals, so the gospel message is VERY clear in this set.

I tried to keep this set as dence and compact as possible, while keeping the essence intact.

I hope you’ll not only enjoy this set yourself, but also will be able to listen to the vocals.
They all refer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He’s worth all the honor!

Be grateful,

DJ S.Y.S.Check


Praise Yah! – Aviad Cohen
I See You Moving (Original) – Transform DJs feat. Lorna
Jump! – JIR3H-3
Touched By God (York & Steve’s Vocal Radio Mix) – York
Such Amazing Grace (feat. Dihanna) – Audicid
Alice Essentia – Matrey Hidan
I Need You (Radio Edit) – Auris
Me Without You (Capital Kings Remix) – TobyMac
Spiral (Maxem Chillout Remix) – Andy Hunter & Beth Bullock
Holy Spirit 2012 – Dr Kucho (Remix) – Diogo Venex
Catch Me When I Fall (Dirty Club Mix) – Chris Oblivion & Serenity feat Solncé
Spirit Of The Truth – Paulo Gomes
Ocean Sands (Cintra Remix) – Divercity
Keep Like (Original Mix) – Junior Mancini
Line 75 – Philip Overdrifter
Enter the Gate (Andres Cuartas & Sebastian Vasquez Remix) – Rogier Dulac
Latitude – T.O.M. & Tommygoff
Sunset Beach – Maxem & Guido Vannes
Sunset and an Exhale (Original Mix) – Autumn Pink
Awesome God – DJ JhonnyVergel
Love of the Father (DJ Jireh Uplifting Remix) – Jessica Morris
Lights – Levi Whalen
I Don’t Deserve You (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) – Paul van Dyk
God’s Child (Fever Mix) – Digital Aura
Fill Me Up (Original Mix) – Chris Howland, Leon Blaq
Everlasting God (Remixed) – Christian Remixed Hits
Light [feat. Nalini Tranquim] – DJ Jireh
Yahweh (Bryson Price Remix) – Har Megiddo
Mighty to Save – Technopraise
Psalm 23 (Original Mix)- Ziggybeats
There’s Power in the Blood [Stephen Stripling Remix] – Stephen Stripling
Rhapsody (Darren Porter Remix) – Christian Drost
Let Your Kingdom Come (Original Mix) – DJ Hippo
Hanging On You (Taylor Franklyn Remix) – Silverfliter
On His Shoulders (Maxem Dub Remix) – Audile
Strife for Good (Frank Nuckless Brasilian Mix 2010) – Eric Elleo
Amazing Grace (Nuckless Club Tech mix) – Frank Nuckless
Made for U – EO
Do We Really Believe (feat. Steven Van Denend) – Science Drop
Christ My King [feat. The Guilty Party] – Matthew Parker
Your Mercy Is Enough – Dj Flubbel
Yeshua – Psy Prophetic vs Yadah
Right Here Waiting – Ultrabeat

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