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Save Your Soul, Check!

musicHere you’ll find every set or radioshow and even some video stuff in a seperate post, so you’ll be able to read some extra information, make a comment or just download after listening.
If you just want to download something, check out the download page.

For The People #20 “Together we light up the world”

As christians, believers in Christ, we are able to light up the world.
When you know what Jesus Christ has done for you, you know that He can shine thru you.
So when we are open to our Lord’s voice, let us be guided by the Holy Spirit, we can be a light.
This light, if we focus it on the right people, will bring smiles on their faces and make them think what WE have that THEY don’t!

Shine for Jesus!

DJ S.Y.S.Check

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You can download the shortmix too!

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For The People #19 “Let the Son shine like the Sun shines”

The title makes clear what I wanted to achieve with this mix.
Although you might not realize it, this mix contains a lot of different sunbursts;
songs go from slow, to fast, to slower and somewhere in the middle it keeps steady.

Realize that shining for Jesus is not something for 1 moment, but for always.
Once you received Him in your heart, it’s like a burning candle; keep it burning and shine through the darkness.
We’re in the end of times and as the times get darker, our reflection of our Lord needs to get brighther!

Press on, go deeper, shine, don’t worry, because in the end, everything is going to be glorious when we will be with Jesus.

That’s just the ONLY, one wish, I wish for you; to be with Jesus in the end…


DJ S.Y.S.Check

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Check out the shortmix:

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For The people #18 “Your House is my home #2”

This is the second set which is fixated (kind of) on the house style.

Keep the title in mind; Your house is my home; which refers to the question that’s being asked several times in YOUR life; where’s your home? Where’s your FINAL home?
I know where mine is; it’s in heaven. How about yours?

I used some other voice-samples to make it more universal to let the mixes be used by radiostations. From now on most of the mixes will be under 60 minutes.

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Want to hear the shortmix? Download it here:

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DJ S.Y.S.Check on wheels !!!

Enjoy this video in which I’m skating while enjoying another mixset…
Check out the complete mixset !

The video is in no way meant to be professional; I could have done way more brightness and color editing and don’t even start on the shaking camera. I was simply recording with my mobile and well… It’s quality is decent to share.

For The People #17 “Thank God for (eternal) Life, Love and Hope”

A little while ago I met someone who just was cured from a very dangerous decease. This person wasn’t a christian, but she had a renewed passion for life and mentioned that “If there was a God, He might want her to enjoy her life and use it wisely”. She never lost hope, because she knew the doctors would use their expertise to cure her and because family and friends gave here the love that was needed during the hard times in the hospitals she went to.

I was really happy for her, but couldn’t resist the thought “what if… she had died? What if… she wasn’t cured? What if… she lost hope, love and would never come to know God and the Lord Jesus?”
Those questions are not be taken lightly. Remember; You might not believe in God, but He believes in you and wants to know you.
You might not have friends and family, but you still will be able to have God, you still will be able to get to heaven when you die.

As for me? I know Jesus Christ and the work He has done for you and me…

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Try the shortmix!

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For The People #16 “Revival” (Ultimate Hillsong/Opwekking/Planetshakers/Chris Tomlin/David Crowder mixset)

In Holland we have a Revival weekend on the 17, 18, 19, 20th of May.
It’s called “Opwekking”, which, as you can guess, means “Revival” in dutch.

This mixset is an inspiration to that weekend and includes all the singers, groups you expect to deliver a revival in YOU!

Enjoy this set and as allways; may God get all the glory. Honor and praise Him and His Son Jesus Christ.
Let the Holy Spirit do the work of God in you and be revived, be renewed and shine for our Lord Jesus.


DJ S.Y.S.Check

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For The People #15 “To The King”

On the 30th of April 2013 there was a “throne-change” here in Holland.
We are going to have a change from a Queen (Beatrix) to King (Willem-Alexander).
Believe me, it’s going to be a big festifal all thru the Netherlands!

As a chance to remind you; we all have a king on the throne of our heart, who is yours?
Is it the King of Kings? Or is it me, myself and I?

This mixset is meant for those who still look for peace in their heart.
But then again; it’s also a reminder for the believers to keep in mind who’s their saviour: Jesus Christ, Yahweh, the only Son of God, the One who died on the cross to take our sins upon Him so we could get eternal life thru Him.
Unbelievable in men’s eyes, but true for those who believe…

As allways; may God get all the honor!

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For The People #14 (22 minutes LIVE on air @ Christhits)

For The People #14 (22 minutes LIVE @ Christhits)

Christhits #404, the last show on air… And I was allowed to fill the air with TOP christian dance artists!
And all, to the honor of our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

This is the audio only version.
If you would like to hear the complete audiofile, with interview, you should send me a message.

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For The People #13 – Christhits… the End? (Part 2)

I never intended to maken a second ‘ending’ mix for Christhits, but as it turned out, I had WAYYYY to much music prepared.
It wouldn’t fit in the 20 minutes I’m allowed to use for their latest show on the 4th of April, so I created this one purely for fun.
Again; when having fun it seems to be the best way to mix; this one sounds, I think, better than the previous one.
As part 1 was intended to use as much vocals as possible, this one is more a ‘complete’ mix-set.

Enjoy this mix, be lifted up and honor our Creator, our God, as He deserves ALL the glory.

Be blessed,

D.J. S.Y.S.Check

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For The People #12 “Christhits… the end?”

Christhits, the dutch christian radioshow, is going to have it’s last broadcast on the 4th of April 2013.
I have the great opportunity to mix 20 minutes of dance/trance and as a preparation I did some tryout today.
It was not supposed to be recorded, but I did and … well… it actually came out pretty good.
So why not share it with the world?
This counts as a tribute to all the previous mixes I did to promote the radioshow “Christhits”.
As allways; may God get the honor; it’s Him we try to make great and let the world know about.

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