On the 30th of April 2013 there was a “throne-change” here in Holland.
We are going to have a change from a Queen (Beatrix) to King (Willem-Alexander).
Believe me, it’s going to be a big festifal all thru the Netherlands!

As a chance to remind you; we all have a king on the throne of our heart, who is yours?
Is it the King of Kings? Or is it me, myself and I?

This mixset is meant for those who still look for peace in their heart.
But then again; it’s also a reminder for the believers to keep in mind who’s their saviour: Jesus Christ, Yahweh, the only Son of God, the One who died on the cross to take our sins upon Him so we could get eternal life thru Him.
Unbelievable in men’s eyes, but true for those who believe…

As allways; may God get all the honor!

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