A little while ago I met someone who just was cured from a very dangerous decease. This person wasn’t a christian, but she had a renewed passion for life and mentioned that “If there was a God, He might want her to enjoy her life and use it wisely”. She never lost hope, because she knew the doctors would use their expertise to cure her and because family and friends gave here the love that was needed during the hard times in the hospitals she went to.

I was really happy for her, but couldn’t resist the thought “what if… she had died? What if… she wasn’t cured? What if… she lost hope, love and would never come to know God and the Lord Jesus?”
Those questions are not be taken lightly. Remember; You might not believe in God, but He believes in you and wants to know you.
You might not have friends and family, but you still will be able to have God, you still will be able to get to heaven when you die.

As for me? I know Jesus Christ and the work He has done for you and me…

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