Every christian, I hope, wakes up in the morning, rises, as you might say, and asks God what he should do that day to be of service for Him. Most christians want to start the day in prayer and, when possible read the Bible, so he can learn more from God and be transformed more to His image.
This set emphasises that.
I consider music a form of art. And this set I put more effort in making seamless transisions, create enjoyable overlaps.
I always try to keep the song ‘whole’ and I don’t like to fade out to soon; I rather create cuepoints at the right timings,
BUT, to keep the music a pleasant taste for the ears, I did some keychangings in the melodies.
DJ’s and producers WILL notice it, but will also agree; as a set, it works.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy a new set and be transformed EVERY DAY!
As a song for children says: “Read your Bible, pray everyday, if you want to grow”.
Don’t make me come over, tap you on the head and ask you why you’re not growing 😉

God bless you!

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If you like, you can download a shortmix::

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