These last couple of years it seems like the whole world is running downhill to a bottomless pitt.
I really can’t describe it, how that feels; looking from a distance, knowing that you’re not FROM this world
and are just IN this world, living and hopefully… shining.
Lots and lots of people do not know that what I, what we christians have; a God, Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
who is there for us. Once one accepts Jesus as personal Saviour, you’ll have Someone by your side who helps,
encourages, loves you for who you are, not for what the world wants you to be.
As said, as the world is running downhill, I see people losing hope, they don’t know Jesus and certainly don’t know
what He can mean for a person.
The thing I can tell you from personal experience is this; He is the ONLY one who gives you hope,
meaning and the satisfaction in life that NOTHING, NOONE is able to give you.

This set is a reminder for those who lost hope and an encouragement for those who know Jesus…

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