This mix has been the hardest untill now to do.
Probably because of the different speeds in the songs, a lot of them don’t match and are quite different in style/beat.
The purpose for this mix isn’t to just dance or put on a show.
This one is kind of serious:
All the tracks are ment to make you think about the choice you make; for your eternal salvation that is.

I tried to make a point here, a story that needs to be told:
As the mix progresses, you’ll find yourself in a chaotic state of mind. At the ultimate point you will be confronted with GOD, Who is the Light of the world (although lots of people don’t see that).
You will hear His Son Jesus cry out to Him. Not just to His father, but for your salvation, which he made possible by dying on the cross for your sins.
After that you will learn the way to break every chain with satan and make THE choice for your LIFE.

In the end…

I can only pray that your eyes will be opened!

May the Lord Jesus be with you. Always.

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