Previous mixes had been more of some kind of tryouts for different styles to see what fits best and sounds great together. Appearantly I don’t like just one style; mixing dance, trance, dubstep and some of the (slower) house keeps me happy, as long as the lyrics fit. Yes, lyrics; because that’s what makes quite the difference if you compare my sets to the worldly dj’s.
Although Armin van Buuren is my biggest example, I would like to stay ‘true’ to my believe and use only those songs from dj’s that I know are promoting not theirselves, but the One who gave them their talent(s): Our God and Jesus Christ, His Son.
This set starts of with Aviad Cohen and his interpretation of Isaiah 53, a Bible chapter that should stick in your mind and lower to your heart: And there you go; it’s all about your heart and where you focus it on, as the title says: “Focus your heart”!

May this mix-set help you to find Jesus Christ. And if He found you already; may this set help you focus MORE on Him.

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