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Save Your Soul, Check!

Mijn SoundcloudSoundcloud is an ideal platform to demonstrate my own mashups, mixes, sounds to the public. That’s the reason why you’ll find most recent tryouts there. On this page you’ll find all the stuff I’ve posted there, with some extra information. Listen to it, comment on it or just download it.
(If you’re just looking for downloads, check out the download page)

Lord of Lords (Instrumental Classical Mashup)

I like classical pieces, but only uptempo and with a decent beat.

So if it’s not there, I’ll mashup some stuff and make my own!

This is a combination of “Herr der Herren” from Gregor Breier and “Neuroctic” from Fitzpatrick.


Divine Romance (Voiceover Romans 12:9-18)

For another mixset, this is going to be another try to get people to hear more bibleverses… This is “Divine Romance” by The X-Structure. Voiceover has been adapted, filtered a LOT to fit the sounds.


Offering (Voiceover Jeremiah 29:11-13)

This is another mix I did with the song “Offering” by Water into Wine. As I’m preparing a mixset in which I am trying to put more bibleverses, this one is going to be included.


Opwekking 553 “Laat het feest zijn” / Triple D “Creation” Mashup

After some good suggestions from several people I changed the song and finetuned it a bit. Still having fun, but for now, I’ll leave this song as-is. Opwekking means “Revival” in dutch, which gave me the inspiration to mash-up this song. It’ll be in the next mixset which will be released on my mixcloud channel. A revival cannot stand without worship. And when we worship our God, it’s always some kind of party… (as the title stands for: Laat het feest zijn stands for “let there be a party”)


Toccata and Fuge D mineur simple remix

Just having fun! This is in NO WAY representative to ANY decent work a DJ should do. I just wanted to have some fun in putting a beat together with some classical song. Yes, I know; it’s not completely in sync, it misses quite a lot, but… I HAD FUN! And it took me only 10 minutes. No testing, no editing. Just plain simple FUN. I have NO intention to change the status to something else BUT Work in Progress.


Isaiah 55:6-11

Do you know David Thulin? Then you know we serve the same Lord. So all credits go tho David Thulin (Soundcloud: for the song “Pulled Away” and our Lord Jesus for giving us His Word to read. For the dutch people, spoken in dutch. I hope I adapted this song in the right way, to bring the message of “There is good dance/trance in the gospel scene” and “God’s Word is powerful”. Enjoy (if you understand the lyrics)


Psalms 89:9-19

This is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time; bringing God’s Word to the people thru music. Since I’m not that talented in making music, I hope to have used my ears well in looking for the right music for the right music, guided by the Holy Spirit. Listen to it, although it’s dutch spoken, I hope you can FEEL the verses. Al music credits go out to Ryan Farish for creating a powerful music-base, although he might have never thought that his song “Lights” might have been adapted like this.


Revelations 22

This is an adaption of Aviad Cohen’s ‘Revelation 22’. A long time ago, somewhere in 2008 I told him that I would like to do some voiceovers from his existing bible-tellings in his music. I was allowed to, unless I would give God the honor. So I do. Well, it took a while, but here it is. Call it a tribute, because Aviad cannot finance his songs to be online anymore. To all you music-buyers: Sadly all of his albums are taken offline. You’re lucky if you have his albums! To all you fellow-dutchies: geniet ervan en laat het hoofdstuk goed tot je doordringen; het is speciaal voor JULLIE in het nederlands gemaakt!