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FTP #29 Deepsink Digital – Afterhours.FM takeover (DJ SYSCheck)

Hi everyone! Welcome to this private group. We have managed to secure an ‘event’ on Afterhours FM, which is the most listened to trance station currently on the internet with over 1,200 listener’s per day….. Each of you will have a 1 hour set broadcasted, as we mentioned, to a vast amount of listeners world wide. We would ask that you PLEASE pray for guidance on the specific tracks to play during your mixes, and also please pray while creating the mixes that people will feel the power of the Holy Spirit while they are tuned in. Your sets DO NOT have to be all CEDM but do ask that you include one or two in your set….. All mixes will need to be all energy Progressive Trance, Trance, etc so we can stay in the boundaries of AfterhoursFM format.…. We believe this is a great opportunity for us to change the atmosphere of the airwaves with our mixes through all followers of Christ Djs. God has brought this opportunity forth and we know it will an awesome experience for all of us. This is in the beginning stages so we need to secure our dj list. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of our event. More info will follow after we have locked down all djs. Thank you from Deepsink Digital...

AfterhoursFM_takeoverWhat you just read is what it all got started. An idea that was sent as a PM on Facebook to a lot of fellow christian DJ’s around the world. We talked about it and after a week Deepsink Digital was able to select 15 DJ’s who were able to stand by this unique idea.
And boy, did we make it happen. 22 hours of non-stop trance on a secular radiostation; not just your basic kind of tracks, but a serious prayed-for selection, carefully selected, talked about choice.

AfterhoursFM_takeoverAnd I was able to be part of it. I feel sooooo blessed! Not only could we spread some love on the air, but we were able to show that God is not Someone that’s unknowing about what’s going on in this music-world. He also can use this kind of music to reach people; it’s not about the big ‘BOOM’, it’s about the little seeds that can be spread througout the world; seeds of His love and His solution through Jesus Christ who can repair the relationship between humans and God.
We were able to deliver that message on a ground not easily reached.
Thank God for that.

So; Enjoy this mixset of mine, knowing that it was meant for something more than just a simple set. Also, check out the other sets from my fellow DJ’s on Mixcloud!

Be blessed,



Akame – Biotones & Max Farewell
Your Loving Arms (Tommy Johnson Remix) – Noadja
Wrecked Destiny (Spark & Shade MashUp) – Misja Helsloot vs Markus Schulz
You make me better (DJ Jireh Remix) – Jordan Riley
Dont Say A Word (Original Dub Mix) – Mike Lockin & Mart De Schmidt ft Claire Willis
STA – Orbit (Original Mix) – STA
Please Forgive feat. Marcie – Eddie Sender
Let There Be Light (Dave Mcrae Remix) – C & D Project
Right Through Me (Album Mix) – Aneym, Ferrin & Morris
Divinity (Diving Analogue Remix) – Stefan Viljoen ft Jade Mc Donald
Rhythms Of The Kingdom (Corrie Theron Remix) – DJ Jireh

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For The People #04 (Video)

In 2012 I started with DJ-ing. After a couple of try-outs I thought it would be funny if I would make a video, just to show how I’m working on a mix.

Although the principal hasn’t changed (this one includes some reference to the late ‘Christhits’ radioshow), it still is fun to see how I used some simple lighning to enjoy myself.