This is a try-out with spoken word together with a song from Matthew Parker.

When I heard the song ‘Daybreak’ from Matthew Parker (in this case, Twilight Meadow), some words came out of my heart, that I couldn’t write down until recently. This weekend I finally had my pencil in my hand at the right moment and wrote down the words… One problem… I’m dutch and I want to reach the dutch people! But that wouldn’t be fair to the english listeners, so I tried to translate it to a decent lyrics in english.
So if you listen to this, keep the english words at-hand, and please, if you feel like it, use the words to spread The Word of our God!


Have you ever been this happy, that you could jump with joy?
Have you ever felt the happiness when you received your graduate?
And how did you feel when you got that paper with the huge ‘driver license’ written on it? When you got your first car?
Do you remember how it feels to be in love?
And do you remember how lucky you felt when you heard the words; ‘and now you may kiss the bride!’?
How many times did YOU experience the happiness, that you couldn’t stop dancing, jumping, and shouting, screaming with joy?

Do you know how it feels to have Someone who loves you that much, that He would DIE for you, whoever you are and wht you’ve been doing?
Do you know how it feels if you understand that THAT Person is able to forgive EVERYTHING you’ve done wrong? That you get a completely, totally, new chance to better your life, become a happier person with the luckiest feeling, because you receive everlasting life?
There is really, definately Someone who had to do that; die for you, taking the punishment you deserved, because of your sins. He dared to go that far, because He LOVES you, therefor He went to court for you, instead of you!
Do you know how it feels, when you start to understand that such a Person REALLY exists, someone who died for you, but also conquered death and in that unique way, has proven to be the mightiest above all; having the power over life and death…?
Do you know that HE loves you so much, that He even wants to have, to build a personal relation, a FRIENDSHIP with you? YOU, who doesn’t deserve that at all…

Wouldn’t you, knowing this all, start to jump, dance and scream with joy? For Him?

This Person is. He is called the ‘I AM’, He’s waiting for you and His name is JESUS, the only Son of the almighty God…!